What are the Types of Alternative Medicine?


Types of Alternative Medicine - If you are sick or injured due to any reason you do not always depend on the conventional medicines. These days’ people are moving towards the unconventional or the alternative medicines. These alternative medicine therapy are also being prescribed by the doctors. There are different types of alternative medicine present all over the world. Therefore with the alternative medicine you have a number of options. The alternative medicines have a long history and it you study the history carefully then you will come to know that these medicines and the therapies really work.

It not only works for the diseases but it also works for different kinds of injuries.

Types of Alternative MedicineThe kinds of alternative medicine include acupuncture, homeopathy, ayurveda, traditional Chinese method, Native American healing practices, Tibetan medicine and naturopathic medicine. These are some of the alternative medicines which are widely used throughout the world.

There are countries which specialize in one or two forms of the alternative medicine. Other than this there are many more types of the alternative medicine.

There is the art therapy where a technique of both the mind and body is used. There are other therapies like the magnetic therapy.

In this therapy the magnet is used to treat any kind of injuries as well as other diseases.

The magnetic therapy healing has gained a lot of importance all over the world. This therapy works by creating an electro magnetic field in the body of the person suffering from the pain or the disease. The negative side of the magnet is used for this purpose.

Today the doctors and the experts too give their opinion in the favor of the different types of alternative medicine.

There are other kinds of therapies included in the alternative medicine. These therapies are based on biology that is they include different kind of food, food habits, herbs and vitamins. This therapy uses the things which are made out of nature.

The examples of the therapy based on biology are diet and dietary supplements, megavitamins and different kinds of herbal products. There are the other types of alternative treatment which is based on the body. This kind of therapy includes acupressure, massage therapy, reflexology, osteopathy, Rolfing and so on.

The different types of therapies are based on different things. There is another kind of therapy which is based on the energy. Aromatherapy is also one of the alternative medicines widely used. These are quite different from the conventional medicines and they do not contain any chemical or harmful material and hence no side effect.


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