Why We Feel Pain?


  Got two pain types: pains which too much and chronic-pain. The pain which too much is consequence trauma immediately as stumble feet finger. The chronic-pain which continuously for 6 month or more, as back-pain. The way which best to control the too much pains from become the chronic-pain is get treatment instantly.

  So here it also has connection the care with the magnetic therapy health. But, what actually which causes the pains of your body? However, if you can recognize cause that pains, so we also can recognize the way how want to chuck that pains. So what which adverse the pains?

  Come us to see part of physical tissue injury example to help to understand how pain happen. When you stumble you feet finger, you joints stress, or derail and fell, chemical reaction happen in you body.

  That chemical reaction is including balanced pH acid-alkali of your body becomes low. The rate pH for the body which normal is 6.0-6.8. The below 6.0 is too acidic and for 6.8 is too alkaline.

  The tissue injury causes the PH level become more low on that wound base. So, pH low acid causes the swollen on the cell (edema). The cell which swollen will reduce you capillary. The circulation causing to

1. The supplied oxygen low on the cell.
2. The acid flow lactic (toxin metabolism) will become the slow from the cell.
3. The cell improvement process will affect.

  So, you nerve system will send one the order on your brain: Ouch! Because of that pain happen. Now how you want to evade happen that source?magnets for pain

  The mechanism secret which will appease the you pain from continuously.The secret is blood circulation. The magnet had been seem can add the blood flow on small capillary. The capillary wall be seem will become calm and open to magnetism. After additional blood circulation start, one reaction network metabolic will happen:

1. The value pH will be returned from acid to neutral, which one oxygen be freed from the border on the figure molecule free.
2. Oxygen will be sending for the tissue cure process on the cell.
3. Radical free be reduced by strong the enzymes.
4. The energy is created from Adult Treatment panel (ATP) in the cell.
5. The metabolic toxin, as lactic acid, will be drain.
6. The cellular swollen (edema) will decrease.

"The magnetic therapy field be seem can increase more blood flow in small capillaries. As the example, through one the test to measure the blood circulation through the finger, Dr. Lawrence found, one changes which dramatic where circulation rate accrue 300% in the hours five minute." (The magnetic therapy: alternative treat the pain, Ron Lawrence, M.D, Ph.D, Paul J. Rosch, M.D., M.S 91

  The human body consists of 70% water. The magnetic reduce stretching water surface next it become thinner and easy absorbed by. From theory aspect, blood which moistened leave with more better when it become more thin and more easy absorbed by when had magnetize.

  When blood circulation had increase on the cell, function healing metabolic normal your body, will happen with more frequent. The good circulation gives breath new and healing. The biomagnetic not cure from external. It stimulates your body cure process.

"When red blood cell checked under a microscope, it always assembled together blood which having the disease. With the magnetic therapy treatment, red blood cell will scattered, allow more oxygen evacuate from lung." Getting Started in Magnetic healing, Buryl Payne, Ph.D., m.s. 55

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The magnetic therapy has been used for long to treat different kinds of pain. It has been proved by the researchers that the magnet has a positive effect on the pain. You just need to go to an expert for an opinion and he will tell you what you need to do.

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