Ceramic and Neodymium Magnets

neodymium magnets

Natural neodymium magnets which most strong had been discovered on the years early 80's


'Neodymium-magnets' - this is strongest magnet. It is combination nadir earth (lowest point), Neodymium with 'iron and Boron'.

The magnets used in the magnetic therapy here are referring to permanent static field magnets with magnetic poles on opposite sides of flat surfaces.

The ceramic iron oxide magnets and neodymium magnets are made of hard, non-flexible materials. These magnets hold their magnetic field permanently, with little loss over a period of many years. However, if dropped or allowed to snap together, this material will break or shatter. The following are examples of these magnets that are used in magnetic therapy:


1” x 1/8“ neodymium magnets  disc

-         Hard ceramic material

-         Manufacturer’s rating of 12,300 gauss.

-         Applied to the face over an infected tooth or gum, as long as the infected area is smaller than magnet.

-         Treating small cancerous lesions or infections. Stacking these magnets increases gauss penetration.


      _ inch x 1/16“ neodymium magnets  disc

-         Cut from a super neodymium magnets.

-         Does not have as strong a gauss rating.

-         Useful for treating tiny lesions (less than _ inch across), such as warts, moles, or small scars.


     1-1/2” x _ inch ceramic magnet

-      Rating of 3,950 gauss.

-      Used to treat joints, muscles, tendons, and small infected areas or small cancerous lesions. For treatment of painful areas of joints, tendons, muscles, face, gums, and teeth, they can be used singly or close together.

-      To increase the depth of penetration, these magnets can be placed on top of a multi-magnet flexible mat. For head treatment, the 1-1/2 inch x 1/2   inch ceramic magnet should be placed bi-temporally (on both temples) for most symptoms, including headaches, depression, or emotional upset.


4” x 6” x ½” ceramic block magnet

-      Rating of 3,950 gauss.

-     Often used on top of a flexible mat when treating the abdomen, lungs, liver, or spleen.

-     Useful when placed against the side of the head during sleep, which increases the depth of sleep and also  helps treat cerebral atherosclerosis.


4” x 6” x 1” ceramic block magnets

-     Used in the Sleep Enhancer, where four of these 3,950 gauss magnets are placed in a row _ inch apart. In the Super Therapeutic magnet bed, there are 70 of these magnets, placed 1 inch apart; this bed is useful for treating cancer and systemic infections. Since these magnets weigh four pounds each, they are seldom used around the body otherwise.


2” x 5” x _ inch ceramic block magnet

-      Manufacturer’s rating of 3,950 gauss

-      Useful on smaller areas, particularly the wrist.


_ inch x 1/8” ceramic disc magnet

-      Manufacturer’s rating of 2,450 gauss.

-      Used on small areas (finger or toe joints, or lesions that are small enough to be covered.

-     A number of magnetic bed pads are made from these magnets.

The 'Neodymium-magnets' which commercial normally 10,800 gauss (grade 27) or 11,000 gauss (grade 30).  Grade which more high cover 12,300 gauss (grade 35) and 12,800 gauss (grade 38) can found from special producer.


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