Magnets for Pain: Does it Work?


Can you use magnets for pain? This is a question which is being asked by a number of people who are suffering from various kinds of pain. There is a healing power in magnet and this idea is prevalent since the ancient time in Greece. Magnet is used for various purposes, it is used for arthritis, it is used to treat cancer and it is even used to treat depression. There have been a number of researches regarding the use of magnet and the healing power of the magnetic therapy. It has been proved that magnet has the capability to increase the blood flow in the body which is very much necessary for getting relief from the pain. Therefore magnets for pain have been proved as a good idea.

magnets for painThe iron present in the blood creates the electro magnetic field when a magnet comes in contact with it. This results in the increase in the blood circulation. The research have also proved that the strength of the magnet has nothing to do with the healing of the pain, it is the shape of the magnetic filed that determines the healing factor. There are different kinds of magnets for health. One is the single pole magnet; the other is the double pole magnet. These magnets do not have the similar effect as the quadrapolar magnet. This is a new device which is being used greatly for the magnetic therapy.

There is a chemical irritation in the body which is the main cause of the pain. Therefore the main task is to lessen the chemical irritation. This is possible with the help of the quadrapolar magnet. These magnets help to block the pain. When you have less chemical irritation you will have less muscle spasm. Less muscle spasm will lead to lesser irritation of the nerves and this will again lead to the lesser irritation of the joints. All this will lead to less pain. This is the process through which the magnetic therapy heals the pain. Therefore it is proved that magnets for pain are really helpful.

But before you go for the magnetic therapy for pain you need to consult a doctor or an expert. They will be the best person to judge your pain and will be telling you the right method for going for the magnetic therapy. When the nerve endings are damaged and the chemical pain signal, there is more pain caused in that particular area. This is when the magnetic therapy will help you to get rid of the pain.


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