Magnets For Health: How Are Magnets Used To Improve And Maintain Your Well Being?


Magnets for health are being revived in contemporary times as an effective alternative therapy or alternative medicine, but actually magnetic therapy have been in vogue right from the era of the pharaohs some 4 thousand years back! In fact, not only the ancient Egyptians, but also the ancient Greeks, ancient Israelites, Chinese and people of the Indus valley civilization swore by the healing powers of magnet.

In fact, mention of magnetic therapy and using magnets for health can be found in several ancient medical texts of the civilizations mentioned above! It is only now, in recent times, that Americans have accepted the validity of this type of alternative therapy, but in countries like Germany, Austria, India, Japan and China, magnetic therapy has been well entrenched for a long period.

Let me first explain what this magnetic therapy actually is. Only then will you be able to understand how magnets-for-health can be used. You may think of the human body as a type of dynamic organism and the latter is made up of countless electrical cells of the individual types. The outer membrane of each cell possesses a negative charge. And at the nucleus, there is a positive charge. Your body will be able to function normally and at the optimal level when there is equality between the two polarities.

magnets for healthWhen your body is constantly exposed to diverse types of environmental stimuli and household electrical devices as well as weather fluctuations, positive ions start inundating the body. This gives rise to an imbalance. And the latter results in nervous system ailments, lymphatic ailments, circulatory ailments, varicose veins, joint pain, muscle pain, insomnia, migraine headaches, fatigue, tiredness etc.

You can rectify this imbalance and create harmony in your body through magnetic therapy or by using magnets-for-health. You can choose between two kinds of magnets such as bipolar magnets and unipolar magnets. On the two ends of a unipolar magnet, there will be one negative charge and one positive charge. The two will be referred to as biomagnetic North Pole and biomagnetic south pole respectively.

In case of bipolar magnets, there will be on the same side, repeated south and north polarities and that means the magnetic fields of each polarity will be cancelled out or weakened to some degree by the influence of the opposite pole. It is a rather false perception that magnets for health can heal the body by themselves.

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