This Is The Facts and Evidences of Scientific Analysis about the Magnetic Therapy for Pain Base on Some Disease.


Here I will give more facts about the magnetic therapy for pain which had also many helping the patient which suffering.

The magnetic therapy for pain analysis at diabetes and pains feet:

Perhaps you know that patient diabetes experiences the pain cause by blood circulation shortage at his leg. Now, has one solution which strong:

"In one report which be produced on the January issue at American Journal of Management pine, researcher said that magnet which sewed in feet cover causing alleviation chronic pain diabetes through the method neuropathy (nerve degeneration and chronic pain on the feet cause by diabetes.)" James Balch, M.D., Prescription for Nutritional healing, 3rd Ed., p. 724.

The magnetic therapy for pain, back pains analysis and neck.

Pains back origin is type of chronic disease which always be made complain. Pains patient most this had give up to recover. One analysis scientific random had chosen 100 volunteer people which back pains suffer or pains shoulder. 50 contestant people had been given original magnet and 50 contestants had been given artificial magnet. The result had indicate alleviation pain accrue from 70% which using the original magnet vs. 26% on which using the artificial magnet. The blocking to move decreased for 50% vs. 16%. The medicine Use endures pains also accrue well for 46% vs. 10%.

The conclusion:

With the reference from the test which had been executed, the effectiveness of original magnet as magnetic therapy for pain is clear taller than artificial magnetic use on that volunteer group. [2]

Barry University, School of Podiatric Medicine Heel Pain StudyPains heel felt as pressure which continuously during walking.

The objective:

To determine the effectiveness wearing magnet lining for the heel pain syndrome treatment. One random analysis had been executed on patient which having the pains symptom heel at least two weeks.

The actual magnet lining and artificial magnet will be placed on the feet which that troubled without that patient know and cannot differentiate due same external lining. Only expertise which be powered know identity real lining magnetic therapy for pain.

The discussion result:

The groups for all criteria above indicate the effectiveness which obvious therapeutic method for the actual magnet is better from artificial magnet group.

The best results had attain with alleviation pain in category feet heel syndrome. 57.2% for all actual magnetic lining tests had exceeding the relief in this pain symptom.

The patient which indicate the increasing In the ability to walking without any pain after treatment represent by 77.1% Increasing rate with the actual magnet lining compare to 16.6% Increasing rate be reported by artificial magnet. Percent this represent by antidote consequence."[3]

Pressure, pain, cramps, Vena Varicose, and etc.

Got several of the pain type. But, all sources are cause by acidity, swollen, and blood flow which not suitable. The German scientist had evaluated the magnet above various pain types and can make one the conclusion:


Magnet lining had proved success as magnet pain relief for the pressure syndrome, sprained, cramps vena varicose and pains hand mystery and feet."[4]

Pains analysis sole, feet and jowl pains.

If you ever walking for some hour, perhaps you know what that the pains experience feet.

"At Columbia-Presbyterian? Pulmonary Hypertension Center, some our patient people had attempted the magnet to treat the jowl pain and their feet. This patient had lodge that pain at their feet had decreased due Use magnet that, and mention them can walk more far when using that magnet. According to our patient, with the magnet Use also can abate the jowl pain. Clinician Reviews, Positive Feedback for Therapy magnet, August 1999.

Have hundred of analysis Related with the magnet therapy. Encyclopedia this will simplify the entire conclusion:

Since 1950’s, hundred of analysis had indicate the effectiveness magnetic therapy. Magnetic Therapy, Kim Sharp, Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, Kristine Krapp and Jacqueline L. Longe, Ed's., Gale Group, Detroit, pp. 1114, 2001.

Now you had known the effectiveness magnetic therapy for pain, how can you get the magnet energy to your body.

So how about your opinion with this therapy. Did you have accrued to confident now?


[2] Dr. Jens Martin, Double Blind Study of the Therapeutic Effectiveness of Permanently Magnetized Foils on Secondary Myotendofasciopathies (Back and Shoulder Pain) at Different Selected Locations. Thomas Laser, MD, Head Physician of the Orthopaedic Department, Orthopaedic-Chirotherapy and Social Medicine Practioner, Klinic Bavaria, 8351 Schaufling.

[3] Larry Seaman, D.P.M., A Double-Blind Study Demonstrating Therapeutic Benefit in Heel Pain Symptomology. Barry University, School of Podiatric Medicine, Miami, Florida.

[4] Horst M. Baermann, M.Sc., The Influence of Multipolar Static Magnetic Fields on the Electrolytic System of the Living Organism with Special Reference to Circular and Radial Pole Patterns, Rheinmagnet, GmbH, D-5206 Neunkirchen -1, Germany


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