Magnetic Theory Is Worth Trying

by Denise

For the past 2 years I have been suffering from severe leg pain. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I can't even bend my knee. Most of the pain comes from the calf muscles and below. When the pain starts there is intense throbbing for about 10 to 15 minutes. About 6 months, something new started - my back began to ache at the same time. I couldn't stand the increasing pain level and I worried which part of my body would be affected next. So I went to see a doctor and she confirmed that I have arthritis.

I was under her care for about 4 months but there experienced no change. Then I switched to another doctor but the condition remained the same. My first doctor advised me to rest, but include some gentle exercising in my daily schedule. The medicine she prescribed didn't seem to improve the situation. The pills were simple pain killers. While they eased the pain, they didn't address its cause.

I also tried some Homeopathy medicines but they didn't work. Acupuncture looked promising but I am very scared of needles so that wasn't an option form.

It's so frustrating. I am young. I exercise. I eat a balanced diet. I can't understand why I developed arthritis. No one else in my family has it.

Last week, when I was discussing about my dilemma and pain with one of my colleague, he suggested that I try magnetic therapy. I had never heard about this treatment before so I started researching the Net and found some helpful information like yours. It's encouraging to know that magnet therapy can help some people reduce their pain by 54% without any drugs. It's great to know that there is no risk of side effects. I am going to try this magnetic force.

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Jun 09, 2015
Leg cramps NEW
by: Anonymous

My friends father had intense leg cramps. The cramps would wake him up every night and he would get up and try to find something that would relieve the pain. Nothing worked!

His son told him about a magnetic cream from that he tried. No more leg cramps and he could sleep through the night pain free!

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