The Effectiveness of Magnet Pain Relief Has Been Proved By Both Analyses Scientific and Clinical

magnet pain relief

You perhaps want to know did the magnet pain relief. Perhaps you now still dubious and concern on this magnetic therapy effectiveness. Or perhaps you assume that it is only just personal opinion and not from the analysis or also fact.

To prove that magnet pain relief, here I enclose some fact and reference source from where it is taken.  All this fact is base on the analysis scientific from expertise in this field and also medical doctor. The analysis is base on from some pain type which common be suffer by an individual. 

So, what fact which can support this therapy effectiveness? Lets go together to find out the further explanation.

The past era genius been proved by science at 20’s century

The magnet effectiveness to appease the pain had been proved by both analysis scientific and clinical.

To the pain which most worse be suffer by most patient is paralysis disease. They always be attacked by pains muscle which worse, stiff neck, and pains back bone below. The paralysis disease pain is a perfect test to evaluate the biomagnet therapy effectiveness.

The doctor at Baylor university at Texas had conduct one the random test for two times where a patient accept either actual magnet or artificial magnet. Here is result.[1]

Pretreatment vs. Post-treatment Pain Scores

   Real Magnet Placebo Device
No. of Patients 29 21
Pretreatment Pain Score 9.6 9.5
Post treatment Pain Score 4.4 8.4
Change in Pain Score 5.2 1.1

% of Subjects Reporting Pain Improvement - With Real Magnet vs. Placebo Device

   Real Magnet Placebo Device
No. of Patients 29 21
Pain Improved 22 patients (76%) 4 patients (19%)
Pain Unimproved 7 patients 17 patients


Patient who accept the active substance feel alleviation decrease pain from 4.4 in the scale 10 point. Those who using the artificial substance feel alleviation pain for 1.1 point. The patient rate which lodge alleviation pain by using the active substance is more high from which using the artificial substance. The magnet pain relief amount is 76% for the active substance is compared 19% for the artificial substance.

The conclusion:

Wearing substance which having the static magnetic field 300 To 500 gauss on pain dot give the obvious relief result on that point.

So, still wonder...

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[1] C. Vallbona, C.F. Hazlewood, G. Jurida, Response of Pain to Static Magnetic Fields in Postpolio Patients: A Double-Blind Pilot Study. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 1997; 78: 1200-3.

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