A Brief History of Alternative Medicine


The History of  Alternative Medicine - The alternative medicine is known to have a long history. It is said that the alternative medicine can be traced back to almost 5000 years. There were some countries and cultures that started practicing the alternative medicine. The history of alternative medicine is said to have developed in China, India and some other countries. The Chinese were the pioneers of the Chinese traditional medicine, while India was the pioneer of the ayurvedic medicine. There was a common belief in all those started developing the alternative medicines, the belief was that the energy of the body needs to be in harmony with the body, the mind as well as the spirit of the person.

history of alternative medicineIn the conventional medicine all these belief does not have any place. The conventional treatment usually treats the symptoms of the disease and tries to heal the person by taking the obstacles away from the body and then cure the person. There are many therapies which are practiced in the alternative medicine. These therapies have been there since the history of alternative medicine. The therapies included in the alternative medicine usually include certain changes in the lifestyle, preventive measures as well as self care. Self care is one of the important factors of the alternative medicine.

The doctors and the experts today are giving their opinion in the favor of the alternative medicine. It is without doubt that the past of alternative medicine is very much rich and the future of these medicines are also quite bright. Previously there was less conventional medicine and more medicines which were alternative and unconventional. People used the different kind of objects from the nature to treat their illness. Other than this there were different kinds of therapies. Magnetic therapy is a great example of the alternative medicine. The magnetic therapy is used widely today.

The magnetic therapy is used to treat various kinds of illness as well as pain and injuries. Magnetic therapy works very well to cure back pain. It has been proved that with the help of the electro magnetic field the therapy can cure back pain and other types of pain. After a long use of the alternative medicines the conventional medicines were discovered. The medicine for diabetes, anti inflammatory medicine, antibiotics was discovered one by one. Other than this the surgical method also started to develop. There were open heart surgeries, kidney transplant, and other vaccination programs. But still the chronicle of alternative medicine is strongly present in the minds of the people and they use it very often.


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