A Brief Of History Magnetic Therapy


History magnetic therapy ever record philosophy member Greek Aristotle ever said about therapeutic interest which got on the magnet Natural to reduce the pain and treat several of the pain. There are the Persian physic member also ever using the magnet to appease "Gout" and cramped muscle.

The theory at beside the history magnet therapy for pain which be said is magnetic space or substance which can produce the flow electromagnet can brake through form human and give the consequence to the cell function and cure the nerve system smoothing and certain organ. However, how magnetic power act toward all this cannot be explained by clear and still mystery.

Instead have some hypothesis be made said the current electrical which be generated magnet "interrupt" transmission the pain signal to pivot nerve system. The other though also said the magnet increase the blood circulation to some part form pass to encourage the circulation oxygen and nutrient next reduce the pain and swollen.

The health alternative magnetic therapy normally be used for pain part joint and muscle other than be used to reduce pain after surgery. Have which said it does can reduce the pressure, insomnia and migraine and defy to infection and repair to unbalance the nerve system.


  • The history of magnetic therapy log that The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine, published in China....Further information about the magnetic therapy history clicks here ...
  • Even as magnet therapy may recently be gaining more widespread use and reputation in the United States and other country, the use of magnetic energy for healing dates back thousands of years. Follow the next magnet therapy history here.

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