The Relation among Biomagnetism with the Magnetic Therapy


Biomagnetism is a science and ought to be taken seriously. When appropriate protocols are followed, its can help the body heal itself of even chronic and long-term conditions. Possibly you know someone suffering from headaches, carpal tunnel, muscle tension, joint pain or a serious condition? Or possibly somebody who needs a good night’s sleep or just wants to increase his or her general vitality? If the answer is yes, then you know somebody that will benefit of magnetic therapy. Nowadays, magnetic therapy is used worldwide to treat broken bones, conquer pain, relieve carpal tunnel, arthritis, increase vitality and relieve the body heal itself from even chronic disease.

magnetic ring   Biomagnetism closely related with the measurement and the analysis of the magnetic field. It is one magnetic field phenomenon which is produced from human body and also entities life others and can change and raise the electrical currents and charges–thereby increasing the efficiency of the body’s functions (metabolism).

   It is to be eminent from magnetic fields applied to the body, properly called magnetobiology. These are exact, scientific definitions. But the word bio magnetism has been loosely used to also include magnetobiology, that is, to include almost any combination of the words magnetism and biology. It is also to be well-known from bioelectromagnetism, which involves electric fields additionally. Magnetism occurs on atomic level, where tiny charged particles called electrons....more

   The basis of the word biomagnetism is ambiguous, but seems to have emerged several hundred years ago, linked to the expression animal magnetism. The existing scientific definition took form in the 1970’s, when an increasing number of researchers began to measure the magnetic fields produced by the human body. The first valid measurement was actually made in 1963[1], but the field began to expand only after a low-noise technique was developed in 1970[2]. Nowadays the community of researchers does not have a formal organization, but international conferences are held every two years, with about 600 attendees. Most conference activity centers on the MEG (magnetoencephalogram), the measurement of the magnetic field of the brain.


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Neodymium natural magnet which most strong had been discovered on the years early 80's. Today discovery type of magnet which having the same characteristic as natural power arena of earth (Neodymium magnet) had become the revolution to the magnetic therapy method.


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