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Alternative Therapy has blossomed into a prime treatment for a wide array of injuries, symptoms and problems you may be experiencing. Not only is this type of therapy an option for numerous problems, there are also several different kinds of alternative treatment and therapies you can pursue. One of the many that has been around for quite some time and is still having an effect on people is magnetic therapy.

Alternative TherapyOver the years there has been a great amount of research and growth come from this particular industry. Many kinds of products have since been designed to benefit people for countless conditions. Some of the most common products used today include magnetic mattress pads, magnetic insoles, and magnetic wraps.

Magnetic mattress pads are ideal for alleviating insomnia, muscle spasms and pain you may be experiencing in the joints. This is also a terrific kind of therapy for people suffering from fibromyalgia. As for magnetic insoles, these often help relieve pain and inflammation that may be resulting from bone spurs or gout. Finally, alternative therapy using magnetic wraps can help reduce lower back pain, pain in the knees and elbows, and any inflamed tendons.

What many people question is the strength of a magnet? This is measured by a gauss meter which is based off of the iron weight it can lift. Magnets that have a 1000 to 3000 gauss power are recommended for people with paralysis, backache and injury to the larger muscles throughout your body. Some of the smaller parts of your body that can benefit from magnetic therapy include your eyes and ears, which require less gauge power such as 500.

Alternative Medicine TherapyAnother thing to take into consideration is the depth of penetration from a magnetic field into the body. If the magnet it fairly small it is only going to penetrate an inch or two into the body regardless of the strength. However, if it is a large magnet it can penetrate the body completely. It all depends on the gauss power and the size of the magnet.

Alternative therapy using magnetic energy can have a tremendous effect on a wide array of circumstances. Whether you are looking to treat acne, asthma, fibromyalgia or paralysis, the option is there. Going to a trained practitioner will help you identify the proper gauss strength, the size of the magnet, where to place it, and the duration of exposure you should experience. Just know that this is one form of therapy that has been around for quite some time and continues to have a powerful result for people of all kind.

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