Alternative Therapy Treatment


Alternative therapy treatment - Alternative therapy like herbal medicines, acupuncture, yoga, reiki, homeopathy, etc. though used widely in the present, must be used with caution, since they are not regulated by any government agency. Before experimenting with alternative medicines, it is important to watch out for drug interactions, to do sufficient research on the type of therapy or medication being used, to seek out safe, certified products, to check the labels of the products for ingredients, expiry dates, and any other important instruction regarding usage, and to take heed of side effects. Once these conditions are taken care of, alternative therapies can be used to treat a lot of chronic ailments quite effectively.

Cancer patients have started using certain complementary and alternative therapy treatments because these forms of therapy share certain common features. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation, alternative therapy is relatively non-toxic. They aim to cleanse the body, and they increase the tumor-destroying ability of the body by enhancing its natural defenses. Such cancer-healing alternative therapies include special diets, oxygenation methods, immunity stimulation and spiritual and psychological procedures. Behavioral therapy and Exposure therapy are also alternative methods of treating anxiety disorders and help patients to face their fears and insecurities. In treatment of anxiety disorder, cognitive-behavior therapy enables the person to recognize and confront his or her negative thinking patterns. Certain types of alternative therapy may also be useful in treating insomnia. Herbal supplements, use of melatonin, or simply relaxation and meditation are considered to be effective cures for insomnia. Although such treatments are can take a long time to have effect on the patient, they are ultimately worth the wait, as they results are far more permanent.

alternative therapyMagnetic therapy, a popular form of alternative therapy treatment is often used for pain relief. This form of treatment increases blood flow and flow of oxygen in the body, thus alleviating the pain in the area that is being treated. This alternative healing technique is popular mainly because it is non-invasive. Several magnetic therapy products have now been launched in the market, and they can effectively treat many conditions. The magnetic mattress pad is used to treat not only joint pain and muscle spasm, but also insomnia. Magnetic insoles can help reduce painful inflammations caused by bone spurs. Back pain, inflamed tendons and arthritis can also be treated with the help of magnetic wraps. Although the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have not yet given magnetic therapy its approval, such products are being widely sold in the market. The increasing demand for magnetic therapy-related products is sufficient evidence for the effectiveness of this form of alternative therapy. Moreover, scientific studies carried out in controlled environments in several universities in the United States have shown that magnetic therapy does help reduce pain with great efficacy.

Recently, many sportspersons wear magnets on the outside of their bodies as a method to alleviate pain caused from injuries. They prefer this method to heat, ice or medicines, in order to treat pain. This is known as Sports Magnetic Therapy.

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