Alternative Therapy Breast Cancer: How to Offer Relief to Breast Cancer Patients through Magnetic Therapy?


Alternative Therapy Breast Cancer - We have all heard of alternative therapy and alternative medicines which can provide relief from various kinds of medical conditions, though they cannot “cure” them. Even breast cancer can be treated through alternative therapy called magnetic therapy. Yes, there is indeed something called alternative-therapy-breast-cancer that is slowly gaining recognition among breast cancer patients.The other names for magnetic therapy for breast cancer are bioenergy therapy, magnet therapy and magnetic field therapy.

In alternative-therapy-breast-cancer of the magnetic therapy variety, magnets of different strengths and sizes will be placed strategically on your body and this will help you to obtain relief from the pain of breast cancer and this disease will also be treated. In this article I shall discuss alternative-therapy-breast-cancer through magnetic therapy and a few facts and beliefs related to it.

In contemporary times, several kinds of research have been conducted in the field of medicine on the use or efficacy of electromagnetic fields in medical healing. In fact, using this electromagnetic therapy, breast cancer in quite a few patients has been cured and this can jolly well turn out to be a revolution in the field of medicine and treatment of cancer.

Using this magnetic therapy or alternative therapy breast cancer, some metastasis cancer patients have found great relief from magnetic therapy without experiencing any kind of side effects. And they have also enjoyed full remission. In metastasis breast cancer, the cancer has made its way through the body and spread its ominous tentacles to far off regions in the body, separated by quite a distance from the site of cancerous origin. And the good news is that it is possible to alleviate or cure almost all types of cancer including breast cancer through magnetic therapy.

Alternative Therapy Breast CancerCancer cells and healthy cells that surround the cancerous growth possess different kinds of electromagnetic potential. As a result, electromagnetic fields cannot harm the healthy tissues that surround a cancerous tumor. This is perhaps the most important basis of magnetic therapy or alternative therapy breast cancer.

There is one universal spiral theory advanced by doctor and professor Wollin has also suggested a mechanism that implements this theory. Spirals abound in the whole of nature, from the starry galaxies to the deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA or the gene carrier.

What Prof. Wollin has tried to portray is that cancer cells and magnetic fields might be spirals, but their scales are different and they are placed on different scales. The magnetic spirals have the capacity to kill and overpower the cancer cell spirals for the latter are smaller and weaker while magnetic spirals are larger. That is why when doctors apply on cancer tumors, electromagnetism, the results are very encouraging, to say the least. Thanks to this breakthrough research, alternative therapy breast cancer will receive a big boost.

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