Alternative Physical Therapy: How to Attain a Fit Body through a Holistic Approach?


Alternative Physical Therapy: Now that the cost of medical insurance has gone up and hit the roofs coupled with skyrocketing medical bills and increasing fees of doctors, it makes sense to fall back on ancient arts of healing such as alternative physical therapy to attain holistic health and fitness.

There are various kinds of alternative-physical-therapy that people take recourse to when allopathy fails to yield the desired results and they can vary from yoga therapy and meditation to magnetic therapy, upavasa, urine therapy, sound therapy, prayer therapy, Pranic therapy, music therapy, hydro therapy, herbal therapy, glandular therapy, diet therapy, color therapy, Chinese food therapy, massage therapy, light therapy, I Ching, chelation therapy, candle therapy, aroma therapy and what not!

The list is really endless and each of these alternative physical therapy/therapies has/have their own brand of hardcore followers. Most of these adopt natural methods and means to heal your senses or to relieve your pain or suffering. Usually the methods are harmless and though they cannot really claim to “cure” you, in the medical sense of the term, still people turn to alternative0-physical-therapy to find some much needed relief from often excruciating pain. In this information I shall concentrate only on magnetic therapy and its health benefits.

alternative physical therapyAmong alternative-physical-therapy, magnetic therapy has found a lot of takers because it is natural, affordable, painless, non invasive and an effective mode of healing. Through magnetic therapy you can heal your pain, you can beautify your skin, you can erase your wrinkles and knock off quite a few years from your face, you can obtain relief from the agony of insomnia and can enjoy a good night’s sleep, you can find relief from back pain, neck pain, from ankle and foot pain, for relief from shin and knee pain, hand, wrist and elbow pain, menstrual pain and there is even magnetic therapy to address the issue of erectile dysfunction.

You can also avail of magnetic massage therapy for a whole body healing experience. You can also obtain relief from face pain, headache, joint pain, finger pain. You can strengthen your toes, fingers, hands and other parts of your body through magnetic therapy by wearing magnetic jewelry therapy such as magnetic rings, magnetic earrings, magnetic bracelets, magnetic necklaces, magnetic belts, magnetic knee caps, magnetic pendants etc.

In fact if you do a search in the internet, you shall come across all kinds of magnetic pain relieving products of various kinds, nor do they cost a bomb. They are pretty affordable and if you are lucky, you may land huge discounts as well. Most of the alternative physical therapy/therapies including magnetic therapy date back to a few thousand years B.C. and have originated in the days of the ancient civilizations.

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