Alternative Medicine Therapy: How Can It Be Of Benefit To You?


Alternative Medicine Therapy - In the last few years we have heard of this term Alternative-Medicine-Therapy several times and often wondered what it can be and we have also wondered about the efficacy of this Alternative Medicine Therapy, because many doctors with MBBS degrees simply brush away/laugh away the existence or efficacy of these therapies.

Well, Alternative-Medicine-Therapy basically means a complementary system of therapy that can be used either alongside or independently to provide relief and comfort from various kinds of ailments.

It is chiefly in the contemporary western world that white people refer to this kind of complementary medicine therapy as Alternative-Medicine-Therapy and the latter is outside the realm of medicine as we conventionally define the term.

So which metasciences or natural/complementary therapies fall within the purview of Alternative Medicine Therapy?

By Alternative-Medicine-Therapy, we usually refer to diet based therapies, acupuncture, Homeopathy, hypnosis, biofeedback, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, unani, traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine, herbalism, chiropractic, naturopathy, meditation, magnetic therapy, sound therapy, urine therapy, upavasa, Pranic therapy, prayer therapy, herbal therapy, hydro therapy, music therapy, Chinese food therapy, color therapy, diet therapy, glandular therapy, aroma therapy, candle therapy, chelation therapy, I Ching therapy, light therapy, massage therapy, osteopathy, anthroposophic medicine and a whole host of other such therapies.

Alternative Medicine TherapySome of these are mind body interventions, some are whole medical systems, some fall under the category of energy therapies or manipulative therapies while others are biologically based therapies. In most cases, nowadays, mainstream doctors are recognizing and accepting the benefits of Alternative-Medicine-Therapy and these kinds of therapies are usually used in conjunction with conventional medical methods of the mainstream variety.

Majority of these types of therapies are based on key concepts of newly conceived healing approaches, spiritual beliefs, folk knowledge, traditional medicine and medical practices etc.

Conventional medical practitioners adopt an Alternative-Medicine-Therapy only when the effectiveness and safety of the discipline has been established thoroughly by proper scientific investigation based on scientific evidence.

Magnetic Therapy - In magnetic therapy, various kinds of joint pain, muscular pain, bodily aches and pains and inflammations are relieved through the placing of magnets of different strengths and sizes on different parts of your body. It leads to the restoration of the electromagnetic balance in the body and results in self healing and increased blood circulation and reversal of infections.

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